How To Live Your Life With Purpose and Happiness

Live Free. Stay Free: A Powerful Online Course To Manage Your Anxiety

Loretta HolmesMA,CMHWC Anxiety Coach

Join me, anxiety coach Loretta Holmes, as I walk you through every step it takes to live free and stay free from anxiety.
When I was anxious, I would do anything to feel better. Anxiety wants to stay still and not try anything. It zaps your energy. Every day.
When you are not sure you can get over it, it’s hard to be motivated to do anything. Now I’m sharing with you that you CAN. Now ask yourself: What am I willing to do to get RID of ANXIETY?
In this anxiety course, I will share vital and core knowledge of anxiety, the tools it takes to overcome your anxiety, explain in detail how to manage your anxiety, and of course, how to live free and stay free from anxiety.
During the eight weeks (plus a bonus week!), I will be available weekly through a private Facebook group where I will answer any and all questions you may have!
With nine coaching videos, PDF Action Plans, and a detailed list of resources and where to get them, this course will benefit everyone who struggles with anxiety.
Are you ready to take the plunge into taking your life back? It HAS to be important enough to you to get over anxiety AND to commit to Live Free. Stay Free. Your life has to be a priority over anxiety or it will never work.
Anxiety is too hard to fight alone. We can do this together.

From the comfort of your own home

Benefits Of The Solution


I will walk you through every step it takes to identify your triggers.


you’ll learn how to calm your anxiety and/or panic attacks within minutes.


you’ll learn what to do to live free so there is no more anxiety


you’ll feel connected to your purpose.


you’ll learn to build up your confidence.

Here’s What You’ll Learn


Module 1

Anxiety Profile Explained

  • Rating Your Daily Anxiety
  • Identify Your Anxiety Triggers
  • Monitor Your Physical Sensations
  • Monitor Your Anxious Thoughts
  • Identify Your Thinking Errors
  • Behavior Coping List
  • Identify Your Coping Checklist
  • Identify Your Worries
  • Your Anxiety Profile

Module 2

Lies And Damn Lies About SETTING YOUR GOALS

  • 9 Questions To Help You Prepare Your Goals
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Module 3

Little Known Ways To Face Your Fears

  • Hierarchy Ladder
  • Play The Script Until The End

Module 4

No More Regrets With Your What If’s? Part 1

  • No More Regrets With Your What If’s
  • Thoughts or Feelings?
  • What’s Your Prompt?

Module 5

No More Regrets With Your What If’s? Part 2

  • Law & Order
  • What If THAT Were True?
  • Positive Belief Record
  • Challenging Anxious Thoughts

Module 6

Panic Attacks 2.0: The Next Step

  • Panic Symptom Tracker
  • Decatastrophizing
  • Stress Management

Module 7

OMG! The Best Coping Skills Ever

  • Treading The Wind
  • Emotions Motivate Actions
  • Coping Cards 1
  • Coping Cards 2

Module 8

Surprising Tools To Help You With Your Social

  • Understanding Social Anxiety
  • Exploring Social Anxiety
  • What The Heck is Rumination

Module 1

Making Your Mindfulness a Reality

  • Stuck? How To Streamline Your Emotions
  • Preventing Relapse


“Loretta is great. She cares so deeply and it shows in her coaching. Her heart is in her work and is beyond passionate about helping others.”


“Working with Loretta, I’ve achieved challenging goals, improved personal and professional relationships, and found greater balances in my life. Her techniques allow your strengths to be realized and a great sense of purpose to be obtained. I’m a more confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of Loretta’s coaching.”


“Loretta is an amazing anxiety coach. She is very empathic and profession. My coaching sessions with her helped me truly move forward in life. She has a versatile toolbox that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side.”


“I greatly appreciate Loretta’s clear approach to understanding my anxious mind and her help refining my actions so I don’t get anxiety and give into procrastination.”


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Loretta’s Bio


From the vegetable garden I started when I was 9 years old to the liter of puppies I found homes for when I was eleven, I’ve always been passionate about nurturing life. Since I’ve recovered from my family chaos and anxiety coupled with a keen understanding of how and why people get stuck, I have decided to dedicate my life to helping people find peace to live free and stay free from anxiety.

Yes. I have suffered such bad anxiety and depression and low confidence that I didn’t want to get off the couch. I’ve been there and I got out.

I truly understand how you are feeling.

I love my work as an anxiety coaching. I’ve learned how people get problems, how and why they keep them, and most importantly, how to get rid of them.

Stay Free. Live Free. can help you break down the barriers to healing. You’ll be able to know your purpose and your potential will shine.

And you’ll be happier than you ever thought possible.

You have heard you can choose happiness, this course can help do just that.

And, I don’t just tell what to do; I’ll show you how.