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Trading on iOS now Available.

Everything That You Need in One App

Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange Trading Software. Every order you place is routed directly to the exchange in an instant.

Server Side Alerts

Drag and Drop Order

Custom Layouts

Fast Order Entry

Market Scanners

Start in 3 easy steps:

Professional Charting Tools

Advanced charting with TradingView – 70+ technical indicators and many drawings tools and customizations.

Drag and Drop Orders on Chart.

Easily change the price of your order, by dragging the orders on the charts.

Order history on the chart

See your executed orders history right on the chart at the price and time of executions

Drag and Drop Alerts

Create alerts with as little as two clicks. Server-side alerts are sent via app or email. There are no limitations on how many alerts that you set. Once an alerts has executed, it will display as red, so you never have to remember where it occurred.

Organize your Layouts

Link your widgets by colors, when the coin of one widget is changed, the others follow. Link multiple charts with different time frames and get a quick look at the markets without opening or changing times.


Orderbook visuals, gives you a picture of the depth of market and big whale orders in a single view.

Market Scanner

Filter and sort all of the markets in 1 widget. Filtering can be done by exchange, pair, volume, net change, etc. All data is updated in real-time, tick by tick.

Scaled Orders

Quickly input multiple orders, up to 50 at a time, with 1 click. Simply drag and drop your preview orders to your desired price, select amount percentage of your account and click buy.

Arrange layouts to your preference

Create your custom layouts all on 1 screen.

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Innovative Design

Server Side Alerts

7 Exchanges - Unified Interface

TradingView Charting

Favorites Widgets

Free Form Layouts

Volume Profile Indicators

True Arbitrage Trading

Server Side Stop Orders

Advanced Order Engine

Real Time Balance Monitor

Outline Free HTML5 Responsive Bootstrap Template

Chart-Focused Trading

100+ Technical Indicators

Risers and Fallers Widgets

MultiChart Layout

Drag and Drop Orders

Low Resource Processor Intensive

Market Scanner

Multiple API Accounts

Custom Indicators

Unlimited Orderbooks

Outline Free HTML5 Responsive Bootstrap Template