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Designed to be smooth and simple for landlord and tenant. We work hard by protecting your investment with a long-term committment, in-house management and carefully resourced tenants.

Your company tenant

We become your company tenant on a multi-year lease to provide long-term stability and income certainty.

Fully Customizable

We let your property to professional tenants. Their background and suitability are qualified via our enhanced verification process.

Data-driven pricing

We don't guess your rent. We aggregate thousands of data points to derive our pricing, so you can be sure you're getting the best price.

Our point of Difference

We don't charge admin or management fees. Instead, we offer extended services to tenants, adding value to their daily lives while building long-term trust.

Service your property

We offer our tenants in-house housekeeping which helps to prevent issues, and we handle maintenance ourselves to fix issues quickly and properly.

Consistent income

Feel secure knowing that you will receive rent every month without issue. We remove the risk of voids for the entire length of our joint venture.

About Us

Placefinders is a property company that offers short and long term high quality all inclusive accommodation to companies and working professionals.

We started in 2004 and since then we've built up an extensive client base which includes many large corporations. Over the last 6 months our demand has grown exponentially. Therefore, to gain access to good quality properties and after careful consideration of the pitfalls of property investing we came up with a win-win solution for existing landlords.


We understand your frustration when it comes to receiving income each month and the worry of tenant voids or late payments specially with having so many properties on the market sitting empty.

We also understand the long term costs involved to manage and maintain a property when letting it out, which is why we offer guaranteed rent 365 days a year including other costs covered such as repairs and maintenance and many more.

Do you want guaranteed rent for 3-5 years with free property renovation?

Do you want to make extra money from your property investment?

More costs covered means more savings for the long term.

How we work


Effortless ownership

As landlords renting out your property assets through a letting agent, significant time and money can be wasted. Whether its finding the right tenants. Tenents not paying their rent hence losing income also due to vacancies and voids. Managing and maintaining properties to high standards, the whole process can be managed more effectively. Become a partner and let us become your company tenant - meaning you'll get consistent rent for up to 5 years, without the fuss of continually finding new tenants every year.

What can Placefinders Guaranteed rent do for you?

We renovate your property to current regulations.

We provide guaranteed rent for 3-5 years and take care of all the ongoing associated costs with renting property

You have piece of mind knowing your investment is being looked after

You enjoy the benefits of watching your investment appreciate in value

You receive hassle free rent 365 days of the year.


We are not an insurance policy...

We don't charge any premiums. If you are tempted by other guaranteed insurance or landlord insurance policies, we encourage you to read the terms and conditions first.

We are nothing like other rent guarantee schemes that rent your property out to other tenants that you have no control over and make them responsible for the bills and charges increasing your risk.

We're your tenants and we're responsible for all the bills limiting your risk. Other operators could end up selling your lease on, which means you will have no idea who's paying your rent.

With Placefinders we are your tenant

Why should you use Placefinders ?

Aside from the key benefits listed above and us being the most personal, simple and caring company to do business with.

We also know that managing your own rental property or portfolio can be time consuming, stressful and financially risky, especially if you don't live near your properties.

That's where we come in.

We free up the stresses of finding new tenants and chasing late rent payments. We take care of the repairs, like finding a reliable plumber to fix the boiler when it packs up, so you don't have to You just sit back receive a guaranteed rental income and your same in the knowledge that your property portfolio is being managed by reliable, professional and trustworthy company.


Our Testimonials


" The Placefinder team have been great to work with. Using their pricing technology, they were able to accurately value our properties and take on multiple brand new units we had recently purchased. As property investors, we are pleased with the quality and standard of care that Placefinder takes and look forward to expanding our partnership in the future. "

Stephanie / Propety Investor


"PlaceFinder presented me with great concept and have delivered! The easiest rental process I've ever encountered. I now have peace of mind that my property is being let to high quality tenants, my rent arrives every month with no fuss and no voids. "

Greg / Newmark Properties

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